Questionmark's Open Assessment Platform

What is QMWISe?

The Questionmark Web Integration Services environment (QMWISe) is a set of web service methods that act as Application Programme Interfaces (APIs) that allow developers to use Perception from an outside application.

How does QMWISe work?

QMWISe is the recommended way to interface with Perception, as it allows you to read from or write to the database within a Perception shared repository from outside, rather than reading and writing directly to the Perception databases.

A developer application makes calls to QMWISe using SOAP and web services via HTTP (which is a platform independant transfer mechanism), gets information from the Perception databases, and then makes requests to add, change, or delete information.

What can I do with QMWISe?

QMWISe could be used to integrate Perception with a Learning Management System (LMS), build a new system using Perception to provide some core functionality; or create an addition to Perception to meet local needs.

A web service has a precise specification within which a set of web service methods are defined. The web service methods are a set of named interfaces that enable specific tasks to be requested of the web service. In this case QMWISe web service methods request or manipulate data from the Perception Server allowing some of the operations that are done by a user in Enterprise Manager to be done programmatically such as:

    • Allowing developers to access and interact with Perception, and make calls that add partcipants to the Perception database and schedule them to assessments
    • Allowing users to pass full details of a participant with name, address and organisation in the same call, therefore not requiring the user to make separate calls to retrieve the required information

QMWISe makes it possible to call Perception from any platform and any programming language.

How can I use QMWISe?

With QMWISe, you can:

  • Find a list of all assessments available in Perception to decide which one to run
  • Enable a user to log into Perception without them having to enter their password
  • Add, delete, or change a partcipant in the Perception security database
  • Schedule all participants in a given category to take a particular test or tests
  • Find all people who scored 80%+ in test X and schedule them to take test Y