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Using SSL

QMWISe can be configured to use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) so that SOAP requests and responses carrying sensitive information are transmitted in an encrypted form. This means that any message data that is intercepted will not reveal whether it's confidential and will not contain a readable administrator name or password. However, if using SSL you should be aware that the QMWISe Test Harness does not work when using HTTPS to provide SSL encryption. If you need to test any QMWISe web service methods over HTTPS it is recommended that you use a 3rd party Web service test harness. For further details, please refer to:

Testing the APIs

Consult your server documentation to find out how to configure IIS to use SSL so that only clients who can access the web service via HTTPS are able to use the web service methods.

For further details about how to configure SSL with IIS, please refer to:

For instruction about how to enable SSL for your Perception Server, please refer to the Perception install guide for your particular version.