5. Move the Perception licence to the network share

Applies to the following products: 
Questionmark Perception
Applies to the following Perception versions: 
Perception 5.7

Move the Perception license to the network share.

Change the server licence path for the ServerSettings.config file on your Perception servers to the network share for the license. 

Restart IIS. 

Login to Enterprise Manager and verify that your license is working in its new location.

If not, verify the license path.


You will need to edit the ServerSettings.config file so that it points to the available file shares. To do this, open the ServerSettings.config file in an ASCII text-editor like Notepad and make the following changes in all ServerSettings.config files on all Perception servers:

  1. Set the repositoryPath to the repository share of your NAS. For example:


    When you enter the repositoryPath, do not include the trailing back slash (\). The path should be \\nas\repository NOT \\nas\repository\.

  2. Enable the multipleServers setting:


  3. Locate the perceptionServer setting and change it to read:

    perceptionServer="<load balancer IP address>"

  4. Add the repositoryServer setting to the <globalSettings> section and point it to the load-balanced repository:

    repositoryServer="<load balancer IP address>"

    ...e.g., repositoryServer="https://company.com" or repositoryServer="".

    (Make sure to include the appropriate protocol before the load balancer IP address.)