6. Move the configuration to the network share

Applies to the following products: 
Questionmark Perception
Applies to the following Perception versions: 
Perception 5.7

Moving the ServerSettings.config file to network share

First, you need to move the ServerSettings.config to the desired location on your network share. 

Search through all .config files in the Perception installation and replace the local path of the ServerSettings.config file with the remote path of the ServerSettings.config file on the network share.

Note that this path needs to include the file name (i.e., .config).

Verify that the .config files with duplicate extensions (SharedRepositoryService.exe.config and SharedRepositoryManager.exe.config) have been updated to point to the new locations of these files on the network share.

Restart IIS and test.

Updating the web.config files

You will now need to update the relevant web.config files so that they reference the correct ServerSettings.config file.

Ensure that the .config files point to the ServerSettings.config file you copied to the NAS earlier. The first .config file to change is the Enterprise Manager web.config file, which can be found in the following folder on each of the servers:

C:\Program Files\Questionmark\Perception5\EM

Open the web.config file in an ASCII text-editor, like Notepad. Locate and change the following entry:

<add key="ServerConfigurationLocation" value="C:\Program Files\Questionmark\Perception5\ServerSettings.config">


<add key="ServerConfigurationLocation" value="\\nas\config\ServerSettings.config">

This operation will need to be repeated for all the .config files on each of the servers. The other .config files that need to be changed can be found in the following folders:

  • C:\Program Files\Questionmark\Perception5\OpenAuthoring\web.config
  • C:\Program Files\Questionmark\Perception5\QABS\web.config
  • C:\Program Files\Questionmark\Perception5\QMWISe\web.config
  • C:\Program Files\Questionmark\Perception5\Shared Repository Service\SharedRepositoryManager.exe.config