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Questionmark Perception
Applies to the following Perception versions: 
Perception 5.7

Note: Perception 5.7 is an enterprise-level assessment management system and, as such, includes all the complexities of installing and maintaining as most other enterprise systems. If your organization doesn't have sufficiently qualified database and system administrators, please consider using the Certified Installation solution available from Questionmark. This service can be made available for:

  • Installation of Perception
  • Installation of connectors for integration of Perception with other systems

For more information, please refer to:

Questionmark Consulting Services

Alternatively, Questionmark OnDemand is Questionmark's software-as-a-service offering that provides all the capabilities of Perception without the worry about hardware, upgrades, or maintenance expenses. For more information, please refer to:

Questionmark OnDemand

This page includes the following sections:

What's new in Perception 5.7?

For information about what is new in Perception 5.7, please refer to the following Knowledge Base article for details:

For a list of known issues with Perception 5.7, please refer to the following Knowledge Base article for details:

How is this guide organized?

This guide is organized into several sections and is designed to provide information on how to:

To view the recommended information for each of the above scenarios, please view the corresponding section in the table of contents on the left.

Who is the audience for this install guide?

This guide provides you with the information necessary to install Perception 5.7 in your organization's IT environment. It is designed for IT specialists and application administrators and expects that the people carrying out the tasks described in this guide are familiar with the concepts of installation and configuration of server software applications.

Security information

For information on various aspects of the security of Perception and actions you can take to ensure it is secure, please refer to the following section of this guide: