IMPORTANT: Questionmark recommendeds using the Delivery Odata API (click here for documentation) for new integrations, not the QMWISe API. Although we currently continue to issue maintenance updates to this API to support customers with current QMWISe-based integrations, we are no longer adding new methods/functionality to QMWISe. 

Error codes

Applies to the following products: 
Questionmark OnDemand
Questionmark Perception
Questionmark OnPremise
Applies to the following Perception versions: 
Perception 5.7

The following is a complete list of all the possible error codes that can be displayed by QMWISe:

Code Cause
2 Client ID missing or blank
3 Client ID invalid
4 Client has insufficient rights
5 Checksum missing or blank
6 Checksum invalid
7 Trust header required but missing
8 Trust header has wrong format
9 Encoding missing or blank
10 Encoding not recognized
11 Digest missing or blank
12 Signature missing or blank
13 Invalid signature
14 Invalid digest
15 QMWISe not licensed
16 License expired
17 Get question presentation not licensed
18 Get question correct answer not licensed
19 V5 permissions not set
20 Security header required but missing
101 Participant ID missing or blank
102 Participant ID invalid - 0 or cannot be converted to an integer
201 Group ID missing or blank
202 Group ID invalid - 0 or cannot be converted to an integer
203 Group not root
301 Assessment ID missing or blank
302 Assessment ID invalid - 0 or cannot be converted to an integer
303 Assessment ID invalid - must be 16 characters
304 Session name missing or blank
305 Template name missing or blank
306 Time limit invalid zero or not a positive integer
307 Assessment block missing
308 Block name missing or blank
309 Assessment item missing
310 Method invalid or not an integer
311 Number of questions invalid zero or not a positive integer
312 Assessment outcome missing
313 Outcome name missing or blank
314 Min value invalid or larger than max value
315 Max value invalid or smaller than min value
316 Destination missing or blank
401 Schedule ID missing or blank
402 Schedule ID invalid - 0 or cannot be converted to an integer
406 Password does not comply with the password policy
501 Result ID missing or blank
502 Result ID invalid - 0 or cannot be converted to an integer
601 Notification URL missing or blank
602 Administrator name missing or blank
603 Participant name missing or blank
701 Administrator ID missing or blank
702 Administrator ID invalid - 0 or cannot be converted to an integer
703 Profile name missing or blank
704 Profile ID missing or blank
705 Profile ID invalid - 0 or cannot be converted to an integer
801 Question ID missing or blank
802 Question ID invalid - 0 or cannot be converted to an integer
803 Question ID invalid - must be 16 characters
804 Topic ID missing or blank
805 Topic ID invalid zero or not an integer
806 Topic name missing or blank
807 Folder ID missing or blank
808 Folder ID invalid zero or not an integer
809 Folder name missing or blank
810 Permissions invalid
811 Not root topic
812 Not root folder
813 Parent ID missing or blank
814 Event ID missing or blank
1101 Cannot find participant
1102 Cannot create participant
1103 Cannot modify participant
1104 Cannot delete participant
1105 Cannot lock participant record
1106 Cannot create participant. Participant exists.
1107 Participant is not a member of the group
1201 Cannot find group
1202 Cannot create group
1203 Cannot modify group
1204 Cannot delete group
1205 Cannot lock group record
1206 Group exists
1207 Cannot find parent group
1208 Cannot find event
1211 Cannot find group membership
1212 Cannot create group ownership
1213 Cannot modify group ownership
1214 Cannot delete group ownership
1221 Cannot create group. Group exists.
1222 Cannot create group ownership
1223 Cannot modify group ownership
1224 Cannot delete group ownership
1301 Cannot find assessment
1302 Cannot create assessment
1303 Cannot modify assessment
1304 Cannot delete assessment
1305 Cannot lock assessment record
1311 Cannot find assessment block
1312 Cannot create assessment block
1313 Cannot modify assessment block
1314 Cannot delete assessment block
1315 Cannot lock assessment block record
1321 Cannot find assessment item
1322 Cannot create assessment item
1323 Cannot modify assessment item
1324 Cannot delete assessment item
1325 Cannot lock assessment item record
1331 Cannot find assessment outcome
1332 Cannot create assessment outcome
1333 Cannot modify assessment outcome
1334 Cannot delete assessment outcome
1335 Cannot lock assessment outcome record
1341 Cannot find assessment index
1342 Cannot create assessment index
1343 Cannot modify assessment index
1344 Cannot delete assessment index
1345 Cannot lock assessment index record
1351 Cannot find assessment index topic
1352 Cannot create assessment report topic
1352 Cannot modify assessment report topic
1352 Cannot delete assessment report topic
1352 Cannot lock assessment report topic record
1401 Cannot find schedule
1402 Cannot create schedule
1403 Cannot modify schedule
1404 Cannot delete schedule
1405 Cannot lock schedule record
1501 Cannot find result
1502 Cannot create result
1503 Cannot modify result
1504 Cannot delete result
1505 Cannot lock result record
1506 Result not accessible from Coaching report
1507 No results found
1511 Cannot find assessment result
1512 Cannot create assessment result
1513 Cannot modify assessment result
1514 Cannot delete assessment result
1521 Cannot find question result
1522 Cannot create question result
1523 Cannot modify question result
1524 Cannot delete question result
1531 Cannot find outcome
1532 Cannot create outcome
1533 Cannot modify outcome
1534 Cannot delete outcome
1541 Cannot find answer
1542 Cannot create answer
1543 Cannot modify answer
1544 Cannot delete answer
1545 No correct answer found
1551 Cannot find feedback
1552 Cannot create feedback
1553 Cannot modify feedback
1554 Cannot delete feedback
1561 Cannot find topic score
1562 Cannot create topic score
1563 Cannot modify topic score
1564 Cannot delete topic score
1571 Cannot find comment
1572 Cannot create comment
1573 Cannot modify comment
1574 Cannot delete comment
1581 Cannot find topic
1582 Cannot create topic
1583 Cannot modify topic
1584 Cannot delete topic
1585 Cannot find topic in language
1601 Cannot find administrator
1602 Cannot create administrator
1603 Cannot modify administrator
1604 Cannot delete administrator
1605 Cannot lock administrator record
1606 Cannot create administrator. Administrator exists.
1607 Cannot find profile
1608 Profile has the ability to use QMWISe
1609 Administrator password too short
1610 Administrator password illegal
1611 Admin password cannot blank
1701 Cannot find question
1702 Cannot create question
1703 Cannot modify question
1704 Cannot delete question
1705 Cannot find requested question
1706 Failed to encode question
1707 Failed to parse question QML
1708 Invalid revision number for this question
1709 The method does not support this question type
1710 Cannot find question in language
1801 Topic already exists
1802 Folder already exists
1803 Cannot find folder
1804 Parent topic not found
1805 Parent folder not found
1901 Cannot find assessment snapshot ID
1902 Random selection from topic error
1903 Single question selection error
1904 Assessment snapshot answers mismatch
1905 Assessment snapshot answers choice mismatch
1906 No supported question types in assessment
2001 Soap log file path not specified
2002 Soap log file path invalid
2003 Soap log level not specified
2004 Soap log level invalid
2011 Trace log file path not specified
2012 Trace log file path invalid
2013 Trace log level not specified
2014 Trace log level invalid
2015 Security database not specified or invalid
2016 Assessment database not specified or invalid
2017 Answer database not specified or invalid
2018 Server key not specified or invalid
2019 Expire time not specified or invalid
2020 Assessment URL not specified or invalid
2021 List URL not specified or invalid
2022 Admin URL not specified or invalid
2023 Report URL not specified or invalid
2024 Report template not specified or invalid
2025 Invalid trusted key
2026 Question database not specified or invalid
2027 Repository database not specified or invalid
2028 License not specified or invalid
2029 Report template not found
2030 Report template could not be found
2031 Participant group not found
2032 Schedule group not found
2033 Schedule participant group not found
2034 Assessment not found for enrolment
2035 Assessment not for integration
2036 Invalid data
2037 Schedule not found
2038 Participant not found
2039 Schedule permission
2040 Access notify schedule error
2041 More than one test center for schedule
2042 Email template not found
2043 Non valid proctor only type
2044 Proctor email not matching
2045 Participants group not found
2046 Schedules group not found
2047 Event not found
2048 Test center not found
3001 database error occurred
3002 database error occurred
4001 exception occurred