IMPORTANT: Questionmark recommendeds using the Delivery Odata API (click here for documentation) for new integrations, not the QMWISe API. Although we currently continue to issue maintenance updates to this API to support customers with current QMWISe-based integrations, we are no longer adding new methods/functionality to QMWISe. 

Controlling Perception externally using the QMWISe API

Applies to the following products: 
Questionmark OnDemand
Questionmark Perception
Questionmark OnPremise
Applies to the following Perception versions: 
Perception 5.7

A system that makes functionality available to external systems is called an Application Programming Interface (API). QMWISe is an API that allows developers to use some of the functions of Perception without having to use tools such as Enterprise Manager.

QMWISe provides a set of web service methods that each consist of:

  • A name
  • A set of input parameters to be included in a request
  • A set of output parameters to be included in a response

Generally, the application program sends a request message to QMWISe containing the input data and then immediately receives the response message that includes the output data.

For example, QMWISe has a web service method named GetParticipant which takes the unique identifier of a participant in the database within the Perception shared repository and returns a set of details stored for that participant.

If the request cannot be fulfilled, QMWISe will send an error message back to the requester. Also, every request and response can be logged by QMWISe.

QMWISe is a web service that runs on a web server and processes the requests sent to it. It interacts with the database within a Perception shared repository as it attempts to fulfill these requests.

An application program must generate a request message that is formatted in XML and conform to the SOAP standards. When the request is processed by QMWISe, either a response message or a fault message will be sent back to the application program.

These messages are also in the form of XML packaged as SOAP. The syntax of the request, response and fault messages for each web service method is shown in the section that defines the QMWISe Web Service Methods.

These messages are all transmitted over the web via HTTP, which is a platform independent transfer mechanism.

QMWISe will obtain information from the database within a Perception shared repository and interacts with Perception to add, change or delete information.

The application that sends request messages to QMWISe over the internet can run under Windows, UNIX or other platforms. Access to QMWISe is entirely platform and programming language independent.