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Questionmark Perception
Applies to the following Perception versions: 
Perception 5.7

The following section describes various troubleshooting options that may come in useful when installing Questionmark Perception:


Troubleshooting steps

When I click login the page just refreshes but does not allow me to enter Enterprise Manager or I get shown an 82002 error.

The likely reason behind this is that Windows Server AppFabric is not appropriately configured/running on your server. You should check that you have completed the steps on the following steps in the installation process that relate to AppFabric:

1. Install and configure the prerequisites

6. Configuring AppFabric

If you have carried out these steps but are unsure if they were successfully completed, try running the following command from the AppFabric instance of PowerShell:


Is the "questionmark" cache present?

If it is present, make sure the firewall has been setup appropriately, and try restarting the cache cluster by entering in the following command:


If it is not present, run through the command lines again in step 6 (Configuring AppFabric) to create the necessary cache.

Also, you should check if the AppFabric Caching service is started. You can do this by typing "services.msc" in the Run/Search text-box in the Start menu. Once the Services window is loaded, locate the AppFabric Caching service and make sure it is Started and set to Automatic in the Properties window.


Perception log files contain information which can be useful if problems need to be identified and diagnosed during the installation and configuration process.

For more detailed information on how Perception handles logging, please refer to the following Knowledge Base articles: